About Us

About Us

Wraplife.com is a full service vehicle wrap company. We pride ourselves on transforming our clients vehicles into effective rolling billboards. Large format marketing starts in-house with the creation of a well designed logo. The Wraplife design team strives to properly represent each client and their services with quality artwork. We believe that our company can only be as successful as our clients are. A truly successful wrap is one that can grab people’s attention, translate the company’s message in 3 seconds or less, and be designed in a way it won’t be soon forgotten.

Commercial Vehicle Wrap Installation Santa Barbara county CA
Commercial Vehicle Wrap Santa Barbara County CA

The team at Wraplife has an edgy, fresh perspective of what really works in today’s market. We combine both artistic God-given talent with the specific laws of typography and logo design. Once we feel satisfied with our design and the client approves, we print and laminate all of our high quality graphics in-house on state of the art Eco-solvent and latex ink printers. We are a 3M Authorized graphic manufacturer and can offer a 5 year 3M MCS warranty on all wraps produced. Lastly each vehicle is meticulously prepped and each wrap is installed to manufacturers specifications. The results of our work is complimented immediately, with numerous clients bragging about receiving phone calls on the way home from our facility.

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About the Owner

Wraplife.com founder Jesse Taylor found a niche with his non-traditional approach to designing wrap graphics. With an extensive background in graphic design, he has designed thousands of graphics for his clients over the last 13 years. Jesse is often accompanied by his twin daughters, Hailee and Paige, at the shop.

It wasn’t long before the girls had to pick up a squeegee and help dad work. In 2010, Jesse was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer after a routine check-up. Being the stubborn professional he is, with God on his side, he managed to still come to work everyday after his daily 6 hour chemotherapy treatment. “Why put off tomorrow what can be done today, for we are not guaranteed tomorrow” was his motto. Graciously now in remission, Jesse has reaffirmed his focus on where Wraplife.com will go. He’s quietly developing a few innovative ideas to transform the wrap market as we know it. Now offering nationwide installations and having a solid team behind him, Jesse strives to make Wraplife.com the next success story.